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Dimitri’s passion and life purpose is developing people. He has a natural gift for helping people overcome challenges and move forward with their lives, which has led him down the path of  coaching women and men about dating and relationships. Not content with relying on instinct alone, he enrolled in a psychology degree at the University of London. On completion, his appetite for understanding the ins and outs of how we relate to one another and what drives our relating was undiminished.  The result was a 5-year integrative Psychotherapy programme at The Minster Centre, where he gained an in-depth understanding of what makes relationships work, through studying the therapeutic relationship.

During his years as a psychotherapist, he gained valuable insight into how men relate to women by participating in an award winning counselling project for men only, run by the University of Westminster, giving him the added advantage of understanding relationships from both the male and female perspectives.

After 10 years of extensive experience as a  relationship psychotherapist, guiding couples and individual women into satisfying relationships, he created The Relationship Works. This organisation offers a groundbreaking and comprehensive relationship workshop and community for women to regain their power and do what Dimitri believes they were destined for: to lead in relationships.

Dimitri blends relationship insights, wry humour, and a dash of fun to create life-changing workshops for single women and women in relationships who want to create a relationship they love.

Dimitri Raftopoulos / Relationship Counsellor / Founder of The Relationship Works

Relationship routes – mapping the happy ever after

The methods used in The Relationship Works programmes have been evolved over the years by Dimitri, and are based on his practical experience of working with individuals, an instinctive understanding of the impact relationship issues have on all of us and how often these issues are caused by lack of understanding, poor communication or simple misinformation.

With insight acquired from working with many female clients over the years, Dimitri has taken a different slant on conventional ways of thinking, demonstrating how views can be changed and how a far more relaxed approach can help relationship-building and maintenance. Based on these tried and tested methods, Dimitri and his carefully chosen team have established simple, fun and, above all, effective, workshops  to move  women into the relationship direction that suits them.

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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

– Plato